NPR On Point interview with Rahawa Haile: Black Bodies, Green Spaces

When a young African-American woman headed out solo along the Appalachian Trail, she learned a lot about the politics of race in the great outdoors…

“Every year, the Appalachian Trail calls a new crop of hikers, drawn to its grand sweep – 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. If that’s you this year, you know it’s go time if you want to finish before winter. Rahawa Haile heard the call and followed it all the way, end to end. And she did it alone as a young African-American woman. That is unusual. People of color are under-represented in America’s great outdoors. Rahawa Haile’s got stories. This hour On Point, hiking while black on the Appalachian Trail.” — Tom Ashbrook

Check out this  audio interview with Appalachian Trail hiker Rahawa Haile, with guest appearance from Dr. Carolyn Finney.  This program aired on April 17, 2017.

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