Hiring: Asheville Greenworks Youth Environmental Leadership Program Assistant Supervisor

Youth Environmental Leadership Program Assistant Supervisor

Deadline for Applying April 30th

Submit Resume to dewanna@ashevillegreenworks.org

SCOPE: This is a temporary full-time, non-exempt, 30-40 hours weekly position starting May 28, 2017 – August 18, 2017.

The Assistant Supervisor for the Youth Environmental Leadership Program (YELP) reports to the Community Engagement

Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing and participating in the daily activities of the Program. The person in this

position will be trained in testing procedures and all assigned technical tasks.

GreenWorks’ Youth Environmental Leadership Program (YELP) is an eight-week internship for high school students. We focus

on recruiting, retaining and building leadership skills among young people as we strive to develop the next generation of

environmental conservationists and racially diversify the environmental field. YELP engages low-wealth communities in

environmental awareness through educational forums with specialists, trainings, hands-on projects and outdoor recreational


Job Responsibilities

• Participate in skills and educational training in order to guide interns in their daily tasks

• Oversee day to day program activities (primarily focused on field work)

• Provide leadership and oversight to 20 interns ages 15-19 years old

• Assist Community Engagement Coordinator by performing related program duties

Job Duties

Will involve canoeing, wading and hiking sometimes in high heat

Fieldwork and Coursework – oversight and direct participation. Will lead interns in:

• Performing water quality monitoring of local streams and rivers

• Native tree plantings, rain bar installation and tree mapping

• Monitoring trash booms weekly

• Performing river cleanups and camping

• Engaging youth to work as team members to complete assigned tasks

• Overseeing safety as a priority

• Performing front line mediation in conflict resolution situations

Plan, Implement and Monitor activities

• Attend meetings and planning sessions with YELP Intern Leaders

• Assist with weekly leader work plans

• Coordinate events and activities with YELP intern leaders and GreenWorks staff

• Schedule activities, facilities and volunteers as required

• Communicate with YELP Intern leaders to determine their needs in completing work efficiently and on time

• Assist with pre and post daily evaluations

Other duties

• Assist with the development of social media Program page and keep updated on a weekly basis

• Participate in outreach and promotional events

Assistant YELP Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Motivational skills, effective communications, coaching, ability to foster teamwork, supervisory, leadership development,

technical management, self-motivated, punctual, trustworthy, goal oriented, compassionate, ability to hold healthy

boundaries. The person in this position will be trained in testing procedures and all assigned technical tasks.

Assistant YELP Supervisor Requirements

• Must be able to work on Saturdays and some evenings

• High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)

• Ability to pass a drug test, criminal background and reference check

• At least 2 years of experience working with marginalized communities

• Youth Supervisory experience

• Ability to lead youth in a moral and ethical manner

• Cultural awareness of the socioeconomic issues in Asheville and Buncombe County

Physical Requirements

• Must be able to lift 50 lbs

• Must be able to bend and squat

• Must be able to withstand the summer heat and mosquitoes while doing lightly strenuous work

• Must be able to do standing work up to 5 hours per day

Other Requirements

Transportation is required to reach field stations

Must have:

• Valid Drivers license with clean driving record

• Ability to drive a large passenger van for transporting interns

• Ability to follow safety policy for driving the organization’s vehicles

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